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The Mission is “Clear”

Can’t Stop Building is the Land Clearing Contractor Long Island trusts to get the job done right.

There are many reasons to hire a land clearing contractor. Maybe you are staging for a future transformation in landscape design or wanting to expand the usability of your property. Perhaps, the pitch of the ground prohibits the proper distribution of water. In these cases and others, our skilled operators will ensure that the project is done with precision and excellence. Land clearing is more than moving dirt and rocks. You need professionals that care about your property.

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Can’t Stop Building


We are “digging” the plans you

have for your yard.

Whatever the purpose for your need of an excavation contractor, Long Island has a great choice in Can’t Stop Building.  We will pay careful attention to detail mapping out the important factors underground like utility lines and septic systems.



Every good thing starts with a dream followed by a plan of action.  Let us help you with the concept.



A fair estimate is a step in the right direction.  Let us provide a clear and honest  proposal.


 Level and Clear

Watching your project come to life is an exciting time.  Our experts in the field will work hard for you.



Your ultimate and complete satisfaction is our team’s highest priority. You will love our work!

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Leveling & Drainage

There are many reasons to clear land but in every case one thing holds true.  the work must be completed with precision in mind when it comes to pitch and water distribution.  

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Ground Preparation

We clear and excavate with the big picture in mind. What is the purpose beyond the project? Are we clearing the way or staging for future recreation, stability of property, or another important reason?

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Machines Moving Earth

Almost anyone can run a machine, but a true professional is intentional about every movement.  Our fleet is well maintained and our operators are the very best.  This ensures safety and excellence.

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