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Exterior Wall Repair Keller

Exterior Wall Repair Keller

Exterior wall repair in Keller from Texas Pride Restoration returns your home to normal without creating unforeseen costs. Our team of experts deals with everything from insurance to subcontractors when you need help.

How extensive is wall repair?

Although most walls appear simple on the outside, they store the infrastructure for your entire home. Electric lines, gas mains, water pipes, and other components vital to your comfort reside within. A break in the all involves much more and can even result in damage to other parts of your home. A certified engineer should be able to reveal the extent of the repair required.

What should I do when my walls are damaged?

Damaged walls are no simple matter. You need to contact an engineer to ascertain the extent of the damage to your property. A professional will help you understand the extent of your claim and begin the process of
planning for your repair. They will also be able to trace any unknown paths of damage that may significantly harm the stability of your walls and your structure.

How do I file a claim for wall repair?

Once the extent of the damage is known, you seek out reliable quotes. Do not rely on the cheapest provider as this may be part of a bidding war aimed at acquiring business rather than providing a quality service. In the modern age, most businesses have reviews and ratings from organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. Ensure that your quotes come from a reputable source before passing any information to your insurance provider.

When should I use my homeowner insurance for a claim?

Insurance does not always cover the full extent of the damage. Texas only requires that drivers carry 25000 dollars to cover damage to your property. If insurance does not cover some repairs, you will need to pursue a claim in civil court or with your own insurance provider. Legal battles can become protracted and drivers often do not have the funding available to cover a large amount of damage, leaving your homeowner insurance as the only means to receive full reparations.

What is involved in a wall restoration project?

Due to the nature of wall repair, many companies are involved. You may be lucky and only need subcontractors focusing on drywall, framing, and siding but often you will require the services of:

  • Drywall installers

    Framing specialists

    Roofing specialists

    Water damage specialists



The number of subsystems contained in your walls can appear limitless. This drives up costs but ensures a full and adequate restoration. A leaking water main or gas line is never good.

Cleaning up after major damage

Vehicle damage to your home or business leaves splinters, oil leaks, and other liquids on your carpet, furniture, and other items. The first part of our job as a restoration company is to thoroughly clean your property.
Do not leave wood chips on the floor to cause harm. We start the process by scouring your home for debris that can enter almost any part of your home or property.

Managing every aspect of construction

Dealing with every subcontractor to ensure a full and error-free reconstruction process means managing every intricate detail. Restoring your walls is the same as restoring a critical system in your home. From the hole in your wall to the debris on your floor, failing to juggle every schedule and test your repairs often leads to issues. Project management issues lead to failure in over 20 percent of construction projects, a percentage that increases when not using experts to accomplish your repairs.

Helping clients with wall restoration

Texas Pride Restoration focuses on helping clients with every aspect of their projects. From dealing with your insurance company to hiring and managing subcontractors, our professionals work hard to give you the peace of mind you deserve. From removing debris to returning your home to normal, we have you covered. Our project management team strives to get work done on time and on a budget so you can avoid hidden costs.

Exterior Wall Restoration in Keller

When your walls are damaged, you need help to understand the extent of the project ahead. However, potential problems do not stop at knowing the battle as you need appropriate subcontractors who can complete the work correctly the first time. Texas Pride Restoration strives to provide experts well-versed in dealing with insurance companies and construction firms. Get your home back without breaking your wallet. Contact our professionals today to get started.

Exterior Wall Repair Keller
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