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Basement Waterproofing Kansas City

Basement waterproofing Kansas City

Admittedly, basement waterproofing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about home improvement. However, it could serve as much purpose as any other restoration project. Basements are typically vulnerable to water damage, with 98% of homeowners complaining of basement water damage at some point. The only foolproof way to protect your basement, and by extension, other structures in your home is through basement waterproofing in Kansas City.

What are the benefits of basement waterproofing?

Basement waterproofing in Kansas City has a lot of functional benefits. Some of them include:

Increase the available space and value of your home

The basement doesn't have to be an abandoned area we occasionally visit for laundry. In many homes, the basement accounts for about a third of the total available space, yet it's grossly underutilized. When you waterproof your basement, you're making it healthy and livable or usable, as the case may be. And even if you do not find a use for it, a good-looking basement can increase your home's value if you choose to sell.

Reduces energy bills

Sealing up the cracks in your basement or crawl space can save some of your energy bills. Your heating or cooling unit has to work harder if cold or moist air is creeping in from the basement. And this, in turn, increases the workload on your HVAC system. Furthermore, a wet basement could affect your wall and insulating pipes, causing them to be less effective.

Protect the structures in your home

When water seeps into your basement from any source, important structures in your home may be compromised. Your foundation, the walls, as well as the pillars of your home, may also be exposed, and the situation will only get worse if you do nothing about it. Basement waterproofing in Kansas City can help protect your basement and other structures in the house.

Avoid health problems

Moisture and humidity create the perfect environment for mold infestation. And the health risks of mold infestation vary from allergies and respiratory problems to the more serious issues toxic mold can cause. Whatever you do, you shouldn't leave mold growth unchecked anywhere in your home. Basement waterproofing in Kansas City is a giant step towards ensuring that.  

What is the average cost to waterproof a basement?

The average cost of basement waterproofing in Kansas City is about $3 to $per square foot. Typically, this cost would cover sealing the exterior and interior walls. If you're interested in minor repairs or crack filling, you can expect to spend much less. On the other hand, a project that would involve complete drainage improvements would be more cost-intensive.

Contact us for basement waterproofing in Kansas City

Whatever your basement waterproofing needs, get in touch with us at Pier Magic, and we'd be glad to help. You can rest assured our building technicians have the requisite knowledge and experience to execute a flawless job. Contact us today and get a free quote for your basement waterproofing in Kansas City.

Permanent Solutions to Wet Basements

If you've spoken with another contractor in the past about waterproofing your basement and were told that there wasn't a permanent options available, we encourge you to reach out to our team from PierMagic Foundation Specialists. We'll look for a solution that will deal with moisture, water, or flooding issues once and for all. Rest easy knowing we've been solving basement problems for KC residents for many years, and we can certainly deal with whatever is causing your basement problems.

Dry Basements Add Value to Your Home

At PierMagic Foundation Specialists, we know that the difference between a wet basement and a dry one can impact the value of a home by tens of thousands of dollars. Whether you're thinking about putting your home on the market or need dry storage in the basement, you can bet we are able to help you get rid of the musty, moldy smell, all traces of moisture, and future problems that arise from band-aid fixes. When we waterproof your basement, you won't experience any problems in the future.

We invite you to check our reviews left by PierMagic Foundation Specialists’ customers who had lost all hope of owning a dry basement only to find that we were able to offer them professional workmanship that lasts. Don't believe anyone who tells you the situation is beyond hope- make a phone call to one of our basement pros and we'll come out, assess the problem, and offer you a quote on the repairs.

Basement Waterproofing Kansas City
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